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Our Company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and we service the Vending and Food Service Industries nationally. While we have a full-service design department and production facilities, we have a bit of a bottleneck in fulfillment. Some Vending Companies have hundreds (if not thousands) of machines in the field.

Our primary focus is offering high-quality, cost-effective graphic solutions, and our goal is to retrofit each and every vending machine in the nation. This may be as simple as applying a numbered machine label on the side of the vending cabinet, or as complex as assembling a 3-D kit for a vending area treatment.

We are currently seeking established Graphic Suppliers (from Sign Shops to Machine Shops) with the following technologies:

    • CNC Routing Capabilities
    • Full-Color Process Digital (with Die-Cut) on Vinyl
    • Lamination - Machine Registration Accurate to 0.0625"

We have established "bulk buying power," meaning we purchase materials and substrates in large quantity. We deliver materials to your facility, and insist our USA made and manufactured materials be used for uniform consistency on all our product lines.

We provide patent-pending, production-ready digital files for output. Once complete, we will supply packaging materials, shipping labels, and everything required for order fulfillment. If you offer installation services as well, let us know on your application.

If you are interested in joining the Multiple Media Network's family of providers, please complete the online Franchise Opportunity Application. We are not requiring any funds or franchise fees. We are simply trying to address the issue of supply and demand.

We will however request physical samples of each of your technologies for our review. Be aware, if a machine shop in your territory (for example) offers better quality routed elements, but your digital production is where you excel, we will utilize both locations.

While this may seem a logistical nightmare, rest assured we have an online database of all projects that tracks status, provides production tickets, and makes your life easy.


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