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Custom front glass graphics for vending machines
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Custom Glass Graphics and Graphic Wraps
that Make an Impression.
Make your best impression in the field.
We offer ready-to-apply (RTA) graphics, made to order.

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High-Impact Graphics Front Glass Graphics & Machine Wraps

As with our Machine Label Solutions, we realize there are a great number of vending machines, point-of-purchase devices, and kiosks in the food industry. For this reason, we have coined the phrase Glass Graphics and Machine Wraps to describe and standardize a family of graphic products. Product Definitions:

Glass Graphics - Any large-format graphic that applies directly to the glass (or see-through substrate) protecting (or promoting) food items displayed for purchase. Common examples include vending machines, cafeteria sneeze guards, and facility entry points (doors and windows).

Machine Wraps - Any large-format graphic that applies directly to the outer casing of a physical point-of-purchase display or device used for promotional purposes. Common examples include advertising on the sides of vending machines to advertising on fleet vehicles.

Glass Graphics

Mark your territory! Vending Machines have an outer perimeter area on the glass that can be used for graphics without interfering with the view of the food products. Utilize these areas by adding graphics that match the customer's logo (or your own), and even promote specialty programs.

We offer ready-to-apply (RTA) decals in standard machine sizes. Our Glass Graphics production technologies include:

    • Pantone® Matching System (PMS) Colors - brand machines to your customers' theme
    • Durable Laminated Vinyl - made to withstand abusive cleaning without discoloration
    • Custom Designs & Sizes - each project is made to order without hidden costs
Vending Machine front glass graphic healthy snack promotion

Vending Machine front glass graphic, branded to PMS® colors.
This example explains that healthy snack food items are marked by color-coded product-pushers.

Machine Wraps

Do not cut corners when it comes to advertising. Most businesses have to pay a premium for choice property: meaning high-traffic, high-impression locations. With your existing equipment, you already have the means in place, so take advantage!

We will work with you to create unique branding and promotional programs that define your image in the field, and demand attention. We offer custom-designed, full-color digital wraps that apply to vending machines, service and supply vehicles, and any other application you can imagine. Our Machine Wraps production technologies also include:

    • Pantone® Matching System (PMS) Colors - brand machines to your customers' theme
    • Durable Laminated Vinyl - made to withstand abusive cleaning without discoloration
    • Custom Designs & Sizes - each project is made to order without hidden costs
Vending Machine front glass graphic healthy snack promotion

Side View of Vending Machine Wrap in full-color digital vinyl.
This example uses a PMS® color scheme (red) to match the roofing and window molding.

Vehicle Wraps

Use our full-service Design Team and in-house production technologies to promote your business on your vehicle fleet. Promoting your business with vehicle graphics is still the most cost-effective means to get the most impressions of your branding in your area.

Select image for expanded view of a custom designed panel van graphic wrap package design

Full-Color Digital Vehicle Wrap. Select the image for larger view.

How Do You Get Started?

Contact our Graphics Team by selecting the Contact Us - Graphics Division button to the right.

Our online form takes only a few minutes to complete. This will allow us to best address your graphical needs.

A Project Manager from our Graphic Design Department will contact you shortly.

Portfolio - View Examples Design Services Portfolio

View examples of our Design Services using our Online Portfolio. Check out projects from the initial design concept to completed photos in the field.

Portfolio - View Examples Full-Service Graphics Staff

The Multiple Media Network includes graphic artists, production artisans, and fabrication specialist.

Our Team works hand-in-hand throughout each stage of every project. This ensures our high-quality results. By grouping projects nationally - raw material costs, (maximizing material usage), we are able to offer high-end, yet cost-effective results.

Our Network Services include Commercial Printing of:

    • Business Cards
    • Brochures
    • Mail-In Comments Cards
    • Mail-Out Thank You Cards
    • Open-Window Envelopes (billing)
    • Logo Stationary (2nd sheets, etc.)

Contact Us - Graphics Division

Portfolio - View Examples Additional Graphic Support

Our Graphics Team is often asked to produce "specialty" design projects for a variety of purposes.

The Multiple Media Network Design Team welcomes the opportunity to assist in designing:

    • PowerPoint Presentations
    • Word Document Templates
    • Formatted graphics for print use
    • Formatted graphics for web use

In short - if you need to look good, you need The Multiple Media Network. We welcome any challenge.

Portfolio - View Examples Did You Know?

Glass Graphics and Machine Wraps can serve multiple purposes - to both streamline and better advertise your business.

The Multiple Media Network can integrate Quick Response Code (QR Code) into your glass or machine graphics. This enables your consumers to get nutrition facts before purchase, and better yet:

    • Promote Specialty Programs
    • Generate Advertising Revenue
    • Help renew your Contracts
    • Collect Consumer Feedback
    • Go to any page on your site

Integrate your Glass Graphics, or your Machine Wraps with our Software Solutions Program. The potential is endless. Scan the QR Code below to see how it works. You will get a Coupon for 1000 business cards - free!

Scan QR Code and complete online form to get 1000 free business cards

Recent Project -

Our Graphics Team is often asked to perform "specialty" design projects.

This month's Featured Project is a 3-D rotating Quicktime Movie (from one of the Multiple Media Network Vendors) of a digital printing device that prints on fabric.

Expand Systems Diva Direct Digital Textile Printer
Click Here to see the video results.
It may take a minute to download based on your internet connection speed. Then you can use your cursor to swipe in 3-D rotation.

Contact Us - Graphics Division

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