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  Cost-effective Solution
integrate your existing protocols with the current (and upcoming) health care law to post Nutrition Facts
Post access to nutrition facts on your vending machines now.
Future FDA label changes are covered by membership.
Retrofitting your existing vending machines with touch screen displays is costly.
Our solution offers access to a current database of products, updated as they change, and does not require hard wiring.
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Current Page Pricing Program

You have multiple vending machines in your territory. There are hardware solutions that allow product nutritional facts to be displayed on a touch screen. Add up the costs per machine for the hardware device, add in the costs for altering each machine to connect to power inside the machine.
(Hardware Costs)  x  (Retrofit Costs)  x   (Number of Machines)  =  $$$

Have you considered how each new touch screen gets its data? Ask yourself - Is each machine is within network access for updates? Consider the depreciated value of each machine by making alterations for hardware (drilling in the kiosk and connecting the electronics). And will your electronic components now be covered under warranty?

Our solution resolves:

  • Hardware - you are not charged for hardware per machine
  • Retrofit - no physical alterations are required
  • Data Updates - the database is updated as products change
  • Machine Value - no alterations to void machine warranty

Our solution includes:

  • Fixed Monthly Fee - a flat monthly rate with no surprises
  • Access - membership includes full access to all your product lines
  • Simplicity - we integrate your membership into your existing web site as is*
* Our goal is to provide your customer base with access to the nutrition database by integration into your existing website (and/or) system. We are in no way attempting or suggesting to alter or take control of your existing web services. We will simply provide your existing web company with one page of code to add to your site, which should not in any way incur any additional fees on their behalf.

Please take a Demo Run to see how it works
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Our focus is to develop long-term relationships with our client base, and enjoy servicing all of our client needs.
Project Timeline Timeline

All vending machines must become compliant by the end of 2014.

Our solution connects your company's existing protocol to our real-time database of nutritional facts. We provide our clients with access to become compliant. Even when the FDA standards change.

Online Demo Demo Run

Take a brief tour of our online database solution of vending products.

The demo is limited to a variety of products that include typical snack, healthy snack alternatives, and specialty items.

We will customize your membership to reflect your product inventory.

Online DataBase Demo

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